The Stand Off

So it seems that we have a stand off!

The status quo is that women wait for men to initiates and they select from this bunch. As it is this seesm to serve women well as they at least get a feel for how well the man can speak for himself.

At the same time a smart man is looking for a woman that can speak for herself
so against all odds and the fashion he waits for a woman that can initiate a conversation.
And as you are thinking, yes, he is waiting a long time for one.

So he waits for her to speak up and she waits for him to and we have an impasse.

Either that or he gives up and initiates (which I think usually happens)

So how can we break this impasse?
I am thinking that there is a code that can be sent but even though I have been working on this problem for some 20 years
I am no closer to solving it and still single!

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2 Responses to The Stand Off

  1. i might paraphrase that on my rsvp profile…

  2. Den says:

    This is not a difficult “problem”. Manufacture of any problem is the type of thinking of classical philosophers. The answer to any question or problem lies in the question or problem. Find five different ways of stating your problem, and state those five ways.

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