To Speak or Not to Speak that is the Question

We have all been there before.
We are in the mall and a child in the trolley screaming while his mother is too busy to sort him out while she is on her Iphone sending a message. This goes on for 5 minutes and I think what should I do?
Well finally I am sick of complaining irresponsibly to someone else about these pathetic parenting skills especially when we have to put up with them. So I goes over and said to her something like:
“Excuse but this could be a kin to child abuse the way you are ignoring your kid and on your mobile”
I walked off and she came after me. “let me tell you” she shouted “that he is throwing a tantrum because I won’t give me a lollie and nothing to do with my phone” she said. At this point I was not going to get into a discussion on the finer points of dealing with tantrums as she was throwing one at me too.
I guess that proved my other theory that the kids learn if from their parents.

Ah well, this was the first time I have ever attempted this and I feel proud that I did it and now at least I can complain responsibly to everyone else.

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