Conversation and Conversion

Funny, it seems that half of conversations are taken up by our complaints or in other words, how we failed to convert someone into giving us what we want.
eg “I can’t believe that Tiger Airways changed my flights like that without even letting me know and I could not do a thing to stop them”
While the other half of our conversation is spent letting others know of our latest find. Or in other words trying to convert others into trying what we found to be very useful.
eg “I must tell you about the greatest pizza shop that I found in the back streets of Carlton…”
Yet when I pose to someone that the nature of “conversation” is to “convert” and/or to be “converted”, to get a “conversion” or a “convergance” of ideas, they are not convinved by my proposition and try to convince me otherwise (or convert me). I guess I have to keep working om my conversational pitch.

*Update 16/03/2011
I would now say that conversation is to convert. That is to convert information into possible solutions.

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