Perfect Thinking

Imagine if we always thought that we were always right, all the time, at the time (nano second) of decision making. That we needed to believe that we were perfectly right to make instantaneous decisions. That we lived in virtually a paradox. Where we know that we could be wrong about the next thing we think about and the last thing we did or said but that for the briefest and instantaneous of moments, that represent “now” or the present, we think that we are perfectly right. If this were so then that would mean for any given day we could average some 20 perfectly right decisions a minute or some 20,000 of them daily.

Imagine the effects such thinking could have on our general thinking and planning.
Heck, it might even explain how people can claim that they can guarantee to stay with someone for a life time, almost as though they can make a perfectly right, instantaneous thought, last a life time. However we both know the statistics and possibly, 1 out of 2 that are reading this have already experienced such an unrealistic promise being made by themselves and also had someone make one to them.

For this reason I have created “Rethink Perfect” as a basic counter balance for our “perfectly right”, decision making brain, that seems to need to think that it is perfectly right all the time, at the time of decision making. And to fight the effects that such thinking can have on us, especially if we are unaware of this process in how we make decision.

I would love your feedback on this idea.

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