The Fear Trap

The Fear Trap…my analysis and solution.

Men are shit scared of women! Does anyone disagree with this premise?

Why? Because they we don’t want to get in trouble for saying or doing the “wrong” thing.
Because our mothers would fly off the handle when we were kids and now we think all women do the same.

The results are that when we could and should speak up about a decision “she” is making, we don’t and disasters occur.

The Problem
As long as women feel that it is their god given right and duty to get angry (MAD) at him, and he continues to believe it, he will continue to cower in fear or her wrath.

The Solution
If it was agreed that whoever gets angry at the other for whatever reason, that their actions are in the wrong and it is unacceptable. Then, I think, the world around us would change for the better.

If this agreement was made then we could agree upon some tools to assist us in achieving this goal.
for example the 6A’s and the Agreement Machine for starters.

The same goes for domineering men and all bosses. We all need to fight the Fear Trap.

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