Team Work Verses Egos

I was thinking the other day of the best way to get the most from a team and to bypass individual egos.
Any thoughts?

Now I know this sounds simple after I suggest this, so I might be onto something.

Well what have you come up with. Of course I agree that you use “communication” or talk to your team but what exactly do you talk about? And what is the order of what one should say to get the most out of the team?

To me it would be as simple as suggesting a goal. A detailed aim for what WE want to achieve over a time period. Something to aim for so that none of us have time for ego trips me included. We all contribute and participate with the goal as the focus and a possible reward at the end.

I call this goal “The Plot” ie. if we lose our cool or go off on our own tangent being ego driven rather than goal driven, then we may have “lost the plot”. This does need to be verified, however as it also could well be that the team lost the plot and the individual was the only one still goal focused.

A constant evaluation or re-evaluation of ourselves and our focus being necessary to ensure we are goal focused and not ego focused. I call this evaluation “Rethink Perfect”, where I am willing to ask myself “could I be wrong?” and willing to put up my hand if I happen to be.

So, am I on my goal focus rather than my ego focus now…who knows? But I am willing to be questioned on it. Are you?

Anyway, for those that have lost the plot, it is not a huge step away to bring them back into the fold of the original goal and to get them onto the “plot” again.

This idea can work in teams of sport, business, personal relationships and families, I think.
And teams could even form teh “plot” together so that they own the goal.

Any feedback much appreciated.

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