What makes us tick and the desire to be right.

Email to Hugh MacKay Author of “What Makes Us Tick? The ten desires that drives us.” from the ABC Big Page
Hi Hugh,
I saw the last of your talk today on the ABC and once again I thought your ideas
are very sound, simple and to the point.

Can I ask you what do you think of the desire to be right?
I guess that is my focus having started my quest with a thought that
“ I could be wrong”. To me it is dogma that causes most of the problems in the world
and we don’t need only religion or politics to be dogmatic. Everything we do or say has a degree of it.
Even in this email here I have the desire to be right or perfectly right even (it sure would make my life easier as I could rest up from thinking then).
Confusing the difference between our opinions and truth is, I guess, my definition of dogma.

I think righteousness is a red line that runs in all of us but effects us in polar ways from the nagging of a woman to the silence of a man, both actions reflecting their desire to be right.

Anyway I would love to hear your thoughts on this if you had a minute.

And as usual, any feedback much appreciated.


Des Sherlock
resident rethinker

Rethink Perfect
Living with the Desire to be Always Right.

PO Box 609 Nth Melbourne 3051

Mobile: 0417 712 601

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