The Desire to be Always Right is a Nobel Desire!

The desire to be always right is not a bad thing it just has a few cracks in it. And as Leonard Cohen says “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” and afterall it is only a desire isn’t it? Unchecked by friends and family the cracks can grow but as far as a desire goes, I think it is probably the key to human survival (and prosperity) for this long and probably a while to go.

Steve, unlike when Avian said “You can’t always think that you are always right all the time”, to me, like it was a bad thing and I should stop doing it. Imagine driving on the road and everyone didn’t want to be right all the time? Unike those young, drunk guys, that leave the road at 150km an hour, who may have lost some of the desire just before hitting the power pole. No, I am greatful for this very prescious desire that has kept me alive and well for this long.

It’s amazing, really!

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