Distil the Concept

Right, so from now on to help you uphold your agreement and me uphold mine, I suggest
if one of use feels like the other is trying to convert them we can distil the concept to its bare bones.

That is we stop the discussion to focus on finding the concept, identify it and find the fear related to it.

That is the price of one of us trying to convert the other. And that can take weeks which it used to do with kate.
The only difference was that we did not have this agreement in the first place.

From Steve
yeah to some extent, and i did say it, i think your email was rude. 

i.e. “your my man” etc – but it doesn’t seem like he has taken it that way.  so i was premature to make that judgement.

yeah and to some extent that you’d get rejected because of your approach (yobbosih) as opposed to disinterest or content. but again I’m probably underestimating the guy and his ability to discern approach from content, and that he’d appreciate your gumption. also underestimated you to make those calculations and still send your email. (afterall its your concept)

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