Rethink Perfect and the Reason I Converse

Rethink Perfect – And the reason I converse

Rethinking perfection can take a long time and much consideration I have found.
This is a concept that I have been investigating for as long as I can remember.

I first met perfection the moment that I owned up to a theft that I did not commit at the age of 6, to another time when one of one my teachers was carted away with a breakdown when I was 12, after telling us that we should be listening to music like “I am a rock, I am an island” instead of “yummy yummy yummy I’ve got love on my tummy”. 

Or another time at 13 when a teacher, with a pronounced lisp, tried explaining to us about “Self Actualizzzation”, which at the time would have had to be the biggest word I had ever heard. Or the teacher who tried to explain at 15 that he should not be giving us marks for our essays.

All of these concepts, some 40 years on, now make so much more sense to me but at the time I was dumbfounded by them yet I can still remember them as clearly as yesterday. I obviously felt that if I store them for now that they will make sense to me at a later time.

That is what Rethink Perfect means to me and the reason why I converse. You never know what gems one might find after reconsidering them. I explain it like this.

I have conversations to convert my (perfect) concepts, through feedback, into what I can reconsider as possible solutions to my problems.

Maybe all feedback is perfect. I mean, I can’t disagree with what someone else thinks, can I? It might be only the delivery that I can fault. And if I cannot disagree with what they think then can I agree with it either? Hmm… interesting!

Rethink Perfect is about filtering out the content from the delivery and allowing it to be reconsidered and reconstituted into what I will eventually become, maybe.

I hope this is worth reconsidering for you.

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