Compromised Relationships are Not a Matter of Chance

I have avoided kissing ass most of my life. Where I live is not as important to me, so I can avoid ass kissing there. I have mostly worked for myself also. At present I am in transit and have options to board at my mums place or my brother’s. If I cannot get one to consider my concept I can always go stay with the other.

I am really talking about using a DFM (Direct Feedback Moment) within a personal relationship or with workmates. These relationships are much more balanced and should not have any power plays over the other. But even in personal relationships a woman can have much more power over the man with regards children, and rightly so as initially she does so much more in their delivery. It really is a matter of educating boys as to their position in this area and never to consider themselves equal. I consider that if us men work hard enough in assisting women with her children then maybe, just maybe after around 10 years we may have earned the same status that a woman holds. If boys were educated along this lines they might no be so disapointed when things go wrong. In Australia we have a 5 to 1 ratio of males suiciding than women and I think this could be one of the main problems.

I just think we can prepare so much more before we enter into relatoinships and accommodation, jobs by getting these people consider our points in these power sharing positions.

I mean we are all adults yet some peopel are still wondering how they got themselves into such compromised positions. I thnk a lot of people think it is a bit like Russina roulette and all a matter of luck. I consider it to be all in our control to avoid such situations where people can potentially take advantage of holes left in agreements.

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