Who Should Initiate?

One question that has had me stumped for years is who should initiate with whom? That is, should the man take the initiative or the woman? Now, when I ask this question most people tell me that either can and do initiate, and that it is equally done now days. Well at least they admit, that in the past it has been expected that they guy will make the first move.

So now it is apparently equal. Well even if this were the case I believe that it is incumbent upon the woman to initiate and I will explain why.

I am talking about the mating cycle here. That is, when couples get together initially, with the long term goal of eventually producing a family. In this situation, I think it would be far better for a woman to initiate than a man. As, in this situation they are forming a partnership to have a child or children. She physically has the children and so is the child producer. He is the assistant to her, the child producer. She takes 9 months to produce this baby and he spends 9 seconds and any assistance he offers during this production process.

It is her baby, for all intents and purposes. She has the right to abort if she so chooses even if he does not agree. She does the bulk of work during the gestation period and during birth. No one could argue with this. So she is responsible for production and he is the assistant. Wouldn’t it make sense then, that she would advertise for her “assistant’s” position to be filled. And that she interview the candidates to make sure that he is going to be suited for this very important position?

So she advertises and he responds. How does this play out in the mating cycle? I am not sure but I do not believe that guys going up to as many women as they can and playing the numbers game is going to achieve the appropriate result for such a mating cycle. When a man initiates it can only be for one reason, sex for enjoyment. When a woman initiates it could be for one of two reasons, sex for enjoyment or sex for producing offspring. This will always keep a man on his toes as he would never really know her end goal. When a man initiates, it is pretty obvious what his “end” goal is.

Knowing this I have been reluctant to initiate and have waited patiently over the past 25 years for a woman that understands her duty in the mating cycle. Most people have scoffed at this, siting that I will be waiting a long time. They have been right so far, but at least this awareness has kept me out of trouble to date. I still have the hope that there is a woman out there that understands this principle and is willing to take the initiative.

Any feedback much appreciated.

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