The Cost of Sexual Relations

I think that if everyone had the conversation about what are the costs of having sex that we would all be a lot more cautious about who we had it with. So what are the costs? Well as Clair Weaver reports in her article The Problem with Marriage and Relationships Sunday Telegraph January 13, 2008

“It is estimated that in Australia some $100 million per month is lost in settlements due to the failure of marriages or cohabitation relationships. In the US it is estimated that this figure is around $1.5 – 2 billion per month and worldwide the figure is upwards of a staggering $10 – 15 billion per month. This constitutes the world’s largest ongoing financial and social catastrophe.”

But this is mainly the financial costs born by the men. On top of this is the social costs to women that have to bear the main burden of bringing up the children after the divorce. And then most importantly the costs born by their offspring and dealing with such breakups. Imagine if all of these costs that are rendered after a relationship breakup were fully discussed before such a relationship even began. That is before we had sex with them. Maybe this is one way to curb such social and financial “catastrophic” costs associated with breakups.

I have decided that this would be one of the first conversations that I would have with a woman if I felt that we might have a chance of having a sexual relationship. To talk about the costs that we are willing to render if we were to have sex and a child resulted from our actions. I think we all need to remind each other of these costs and be vigilante to avoid such catastrophic results that seems to be an epidemic proportions today.

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