Direct Creativity

In the past, creative movements such as the Apollo Programme or the Impressionists movement were created indirectly out of a desire to achieve a goal or plot. Find a plot, any plot or goal to harness peoples’ ego, by their desire to achieve the goal. By ego, I mean our desire to be always right and think that we are. Then, work together towards achieving this goal of learning and we have creativity. These types of creative movements do not occur very often and are dependant on finding a very inspirational plot.

What if we could reverse engineer these creativity movements? Where we learned to understand how to harness the ego. Not through the distraction of an inspirational plot, but through reasoning. If we could simply explain what the ego is and discover and explain the method used to harness it.

I think that I have found a way.

Every time aggression occurs in a relationship, I believe, it is because of our ego or our desire to be always right and think that we are. Using the Rethink Perfect approach of dealing with this aggression, in conversation, we could harness our desires. i.e.

Appreciating and Acknowledging the Aggression and forming Agreements on how to reduce it using Acceptable Apologies. Preparing for the failures by using the Adjustable and Accountable filters.

Understanding that agreements are for letting us form more conversations and conversations are for letting us form more agreements.

Now all we need is an interesting and controversial plot or goal and we should have direct creativity over time. By using these 8As above, a little tuition and a life time of practice we could have unlimited creativity. Worth a try.

Warning! Although I have used this concept to help develop this theory, it has yet to be tested on another plot or goal. Use with caution.

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