Just Chasing Agreements

Jim you wrote:

“If I spend my time converting my concepts in order for others to agree, am I not just chasing agreement? I think it is ok to disagree”

I wouldn’t say “just chasing” agreements Jim.
I think by using the words “just chasing” one can devaluate the action.

I would say that I am explicitly seeking agreements when I try to convert my concepts.
I prefer to convert my own concepts rather than convert other peoples and would like others to treat me that way also, that is convert your own concepts using my feedback also.

I think that It is a major undertaking to attempt to convert our own concepts.
It takes humbleness to think that our concept can be converted further and is not perfect as it is.

I approach the seeking of agreements it in a way that I would like others to approach it with me
How we go about seeking the agreement is the most important thing for me.
For example, the way we use language is so important in this goal or quest.
We could use leading language like “don’t you think…”
use rhetorical questions, or step it up a bit and threaten, raise our voice swear or finally use physical violence.

Coercion seeming to be more the “chasing” of agreements, ie so desperate to convert the other that we will say or do just about anything to achieve it.

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