Fear of Failure Can Cause Compliancy

I recently had a chance to have an experimental conversation where I explained what I am trying to achieve from a conversation.(ie Non-judgmental expression from them and from me)
I explained to her (a sixty year old intelligent and vibrant stranger at a cafe) about the 3 things I listen for i.e. Adjustable, Accountable and Acceptable language, in the context of what the dogma of the Norwegian terrorist can achieve. She agreed with my understanding.

Then she mentioned that there still was a need for “truths” or dogma.
At this point I failed in my experiment unbeknownst to me until rethinking the conversation last night. Anyone interested I will let you know how I failed.

I think our compliancy can come from not knowing how to approach a conversation without either suffering from the judgment of others or contributing to the judgment of others during the process. Thinking that it might be better to say nothing, that way we can’t make a mistake.

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