Ban Rethink Perfect

I received my first call to silence me and my discussions from a

post from Kim Jones on the Edward de Bono Society:

“What you guys are into is "meta-discussion". In other words, you get your kicks by discussing the discussion. In fact you don’t discuss anything much at all. From what I can see, you just enjoy taking issue with just about anything at all. Discussing the discussion does nothing to further the discussion. It is horribly tedious and meta-discussion is banned in many learned discussion lists. If I had my way I would ban it here too. The whole world may get down on bended knee and treat you exactly as you would want but what difference have you made to the world?”

Top of Form

I must be doing something right to get such a response!

Bottom of Form

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1 Response to Ban Rethink Perfect

  1. Steve Sherlock says:

    It seems somewhat ironic to me, that Kim is taking issue with you – about you taking issue with things.

    I think taking issue with what ever is fine – and my aim to do it responsibly and ideally with some ground rules.

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