I came up with an idea that I call Anti-jealousy which goes something like this:

Just because I am with the girl of my dreams does not mean that she is my perfect match or I her’s.
So I would suggest to her that she continue to keep looking for her “perfect match” and I will look for mine.
Only have one agreement that if she finds someone “better” than me that she comes back and tell me what it is about that person that she finds better. And I will do the same for her.
During the process anything we find we can bring back to the relationship and see if our partner can match it.
And if they can then as the saying goes “better the devil we know” so somehow I have strong doubts that I need fear she will go off with this other person. But more so I think is it will add to our suite of skills and character and only make us better and stronger together.

If she does find that the other person is more suited to her then if I really loved her wouldn’t I want what is best for her. And besides wouldn’t it be better for me that we find out that we were not really suited to each other now rather than later.

Anyway that is my theory of Anti-Jealousy

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