Why Relationships Fail

Ask someone today why their relationship failed and they will usually come back with the well worn cliché “We grew apart”. Saying that we grew apart is a kin to saying “it fell out of the sky!” when asked why did the plane crash, I think.

Of course you grew apart and of course the plane crashed but why? Rethink Perfect is my attempt to explain why relationships fail and is based on my own personal experience in a relationship that I had specifically to test my theories on love and relationships. It is also based on my brother’s relationship that lasted for ten years. And finally, all the conversations I have had with people that have failed relationships (no shortage there) have contributed to this thesis.

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1 Response to Why Relationships Fail

  1. I reckons a solution’s focus would go something like this: “Rethink Perfect is my attempt to explore possible solutions to the high failure rate of relationships…..”

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