Free Speech

There is nothing “Free” about Andrew Bolt! He is paid by “professional” newspaper publishers to write what they happily serve up to their readers daily so that they can “sell” more papers.

It is the publishers’ “job” to make sure that they responsibly do this and “employing” yet another tabloid writer to pander to the ignorant masses that read his diatribe, to me, reeks of the same disease that the English newspapers have been suffering form for years.

Mr Bolt is “paid” to get his, so called, facts right. He failed and has paid the price for his errors. He will have to rethink when he launches his next assault on mere civilians in the community that he uses for his fodder to make “money”.

A community without the access to the “power” and “money” that he wields by being so sensationalising and inaccurate in his “paid” job.

Read what the professional David Marr has to say on Andrew Bolt

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