The 10 Demandments

1. You can’t keep doing this!

2. I’m sick of this!

3. You should know better!

4. How many times to I have to tell you!

5. You can’t always think that you’re always right all the time!

6. You should focus on this not that!

7. Your absolutely right!

8. Right, that’s the last straw!

9. That’s bullshit!

10. I know it!

I think that we can tell “demandments” by their tone, and lack of adjustable, accountable and ultimately acceptable language.

Although understandable, demandments are unacceptable to me and I need to be careful not to return demandments for demandments.

Demandments are aggressive to me, although only the beginning stages but still need to be nipped in the bud when heard.

Having agreements in place on how we treat demandments is important I think, when we start a relationship of any type.

The opposite to demandments are enchantments which I will talk about next up.

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