Our Habit to Attack

I was talking to a woman recently and I told her about a poem that I wrote some 30 years ago when I was 21, and it went something like this:

My knowledge of women is but a speck,
and that’s because they’re extraterrestrials I expect.
My fear of them is something I don’t lack,
and that’s because of their habit to attack.

She questioned my line about women’s “habit to attack” and I asked her if she knew any women that did not get aggressive? She replied with if I knew any men that did not get aggressive? I agreed but that we all knew that a man’s aggression was not acceptable. That most women seemed to freely justified their aggression by blaming the men.

I think it is time for us to get an agreement that all aggression from men or women is not acceptable. Understandable maybe but not acceptable. That we cannot blame our choice to get aggressive on the other person. It’s time to rethink our habit to attack.

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