My right to Donate My Organs

Open letter to Nicola Roxon, Minister for Health

Hello Nicola,

I registered today to donate my organs on the Australian Organ Donor Register Registration website. (yes believe it or not that is what your website is headed) .

I subsequently learned that doing this does not give me the right to donate and that I still need to get permission from my mum or other family member to finally have my organs accepted.

I find this incredible. I am 52 years of age, healthy and I want to decide for myself to donate my own organs to needy recipients.

The restrictions placed, on me, by these rules could explain why only 309 people were accepted to donate last year. All 309 people needed permission from their family. 309 translates to 13.8 donors per million Australians. These numbers and your rules are appalling and an insult to Australians generally.

Can you please change this rule so that I have this right to donate my organs without anyone else’s consent?

If not, I would be willing to take this further so that I get my rights to decide to donate my organs.

Thanks for your time.

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