Organ Donor Outrage

This is from Nicola Roxon department press release on organ donor rates 25% increase.
Not mentioned is that $151M has been assigned to get a mere increase of 80 donors.
Hey that works out to be $1.8M per donor.

“In 2010, Australia achieved a 25% increase in deceased organ donors and a 17% increase in transplant recipients compared to 2009, with 309 deceased organ donors resulting in life-saving and life-improving transplants for 931 Australians.

“Australia continues to build on the strong outcomes achieved in 2010, with 231 organ donors having saved or improved the lives of 688 people by the end of August this year,”

Ms King said.

“This represents a 15% increase in deceased organ donors and in transplant recipientson the same eight month period in 2010.”

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