Upside & Downside of Uncertainty & Certainty

Upside Downside
Uncertainty Flexibility: adjective
1. capable of being bent, usually without breaking; easily bent: a flexible ruler.
2. susceptible of modification or adaptation; adaptable: a flexible schedule.
3. willing or disposed to yield; pliable: a flexible personality.
Instability: noun
1.the quality or state of being unstable; lack of stability or firmness.
2. the tendency to behave in an unpredictable,
changeable, or erratic manner: emotional instability.
Certainty Stability: noun
1. the state or quality of being stable.
2. firmness in position.
3. continuance without change; permanence.
4. Chemistry. resistance or the degree of resistance to chemical change or disintegration.
5. resistance to change, especially sudden change
not flexible; incapable of or resistant to being
bent; rigid: an inflexible steel rod.
2. of a rigid or unyielding temper, purpose, will,
etc.; immovable: an inflexible determination.
3. not permitting change or variation; unalterable: inflexible rules.
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