How to Complain Responsibly

So what is a complaint?
As simple as this question may sound,  I think that most people will not be able to answer this question successfully.
Is it a problem that we did not foresee? An action that has led to our resentment?

What is the purpose of a complaint?
Is it an expression to ensure that we can avoid the issue in the future. Surely then the most responsible complaint I ever make would be to avoid the problem in the first place? Maybe!

Resentment is not a complaint! I think it is the result of not complaining responsibly and making sure that the problem never occured in the first place. It is the internal frustration for how we can be so stupid to allow such problems to occur. It does not solve the problem that complaining responsibly can and can result in revenge and as the saying goes, “if you go down the path of revenge, take two coffins”.

So what can we do to avoid the resentment?
Simply find the complaint by including the evidence and make an agreement with whom ever was responsible for creating it so that it does not happen again. Get an acceptable apology from the perputrator so that you can feel confident that from now on it will be less likely to occur again.

PS I forgot to mention when you try to complain responsibly prepare for the failure.


An Ideal Relationship Moderated by the Rethink Perfect Counterbalance



1. The square is an ideal relationship with the fullest are used


2. The parallellagram is a compromised relationship, area is reduced, that occurs at times
in diagram 2 when the two people enter into the resentment or RED area and have a bitter dispute.


Keeping the relationship out of resentment, caused by a bitter dispute, is obviously the goal.


A Relationship being Compromised, bypassing the Rethink Perfect Moderator

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