Whose Child is it?

My comment to Richard Fidler:

Hey Richard, I like your program but was a bit surprised by your intro today. That Tolstoy’s wife, Sonya was "the bearer of HIS children".

Come on! That may have been the case 150 years ago but today surely there is a better way of stating this.

More like "he was the inseminator for HER children and subsequent financial provider. To me, this is how our legal system perceives the male contribution to child birth today, and rightly so, in my view.

They are her children, we (us males) are mere assistants. I do believe that if we changed our language today to suit the true status of male and female in ‘matri-mony" ie "Mother Condition", we would assist in the education of all to adapt to 21st century thinking not 19th century.

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