Rough Breakdown of My 45 Minute Talk

The goal of this talk is to get some agreements on rules of engagement, so that we can have a conversation on a subject that is near and dear to me, The mating cycle.

1. Perfect Thinking

  • Certainty
  • Self organising systems (path of least resistance)
  • Our desire to be always right
  • Seeking descent and diversity and our own worst enemy

2. Rules and Rethink Agreements

  • Commitment & Compromise

  • Enemy to defy
  • Rules of golf and road
  • Rules too hard
  • Parallel talking
  • Agree on agreements

3. Prepare for the Failure

  • Negativity of this
  • Grow apart
  • Fear of failure
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Phase transitions

4. Complain responsibly

  • What is a complaint
  • The most obvious lost
  • Go directly to the source
  • If you lose it we’ve lost it

5. Six Rules of Engagement

  • Speaking
  • Responding
  • Moderator a counterbalance

6. Conversations and Conversions

  • Conversing lost treasure
  • From the start
  • Conversations build upon agreements
  • Converting our own concepts
  • Creativity on steroids a quantum leap
  • Feedback loops
  • Truce

7. The mating cycle (the conversations and dispute)

  • Golden rule
  • Who should initiate
  • Social trend, does the greatest number rule
  • Cause of divorce and marriage
  • Cost of sexual relationships
  • Conclusion – Matrimony, commitment, & compromise
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