RPAs The Ultimate Viral Tool

Rethink Perfect is not a new thinking tool to help us think better.

I think, that it is a tool to help us think better together!

It only works when in place with at least one other person in the form of an agreement or a Rethink Perfect Agreement (RPA).

We are responsible and accountable for maintaining our own RPAs. That is, any RPA that we may claim to have in existence, making sure we both are using it properly on and with each other.

Our RPA is OUR tool, we both need to look after it, together.

Steve I am sorry but I meant to warn you that if you offer me feedback on my book to
ensure you do it within the framework of our RPA. That is, use our tool in the process.
Start with appreciation, acknowledgment and apology for your dispute.

I am sorry that I forgot to let you know this and the personal responsibility that comes with having an RPA with me. (I only worked this out just after I tried to call you tonight on my walk). By claiming you have an RPA with me, if you do make such claims, I think that you owe our RPA the same diligence, respect and attention to detail that I put in to our RPA.

If I made the effort to document our RPA then the least you can do is read it and use our RPA to dispute it. Same goes for anything else pertaining to our RPA such as the PowerPoint I sent you, as it is in both our interests and the interest of our RPA.

If an RPA is for people that want to think better together, then it is their tool, each person owns it.

So it doesn’t matter who we live with, or have sex with or work with. What matters is who we claim we have RPAs with, I think. (You claimed that you had one each with Avian and Jaylan).

We are ultimately responsibly, I think, for our own Rethink Perfect Agreements. Treat them well and with care as they are all that we really have, I reackon.

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