What is Rethink Perfect

Rethink Perfect is about building upon the agreement to: “try to hold each other
accountable to use a dispute moderator like the 6A Rules of Engagement when

It is not about one of us losing and the other winning the conversation.
When we agree to hold each other to account and fail we both loose the conversation.

Our agreement eventually becomes paramount over our individual egos or
our desire to always be right (win).

What are the 6A Rules of Engagement?
Speak with: Adjustable, Accountable and Acceptable language.
Respond wth: Appreciate, Acknowledge and Apology (or speech in defence).

Using a dispute moderator such as the 6A RoE allows us to monitor and regulate
our conversations before during and after within the context of the 6As.

A conversation at times being compromised, bypassing the 6A Rules of Engagement dispute moderator.

Let the conversations begin!

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