Respect, Trust, Honesty and Love; More Than Just a Feeling!

My defining of actions for respect, trust, honesty and love in
relation to each other, and to us.


Speaking: Starts with me respecting someone’s ears by speaking
with what we agree is Adjustable, Accountable and Acceptable language.
Responding: Then responding with Appreciation, Acknowledgement
and Apology ie. the process of offering “all due respect” to the speaker
if/when I think they have failed to respect my ears and I wish to
dispute their delivery.


Happens when we agree to respect each other’s ears and as
we successfully put it into action.


Is the ability to put up our hand when we fail to respect and
is measured in the time it takes to do so and the quality of our
appreciation, acknowledgment and apology.


Is when we can respect without having to
think twice about the process.

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