Who Are Conversations For?

Who do we talk for? Is it more for ourselves or for others?
Who am I posting this for? Am I posting this for you or for myself?

According to the Golden Rule it would be for our own sake first.
And I agree with this. I am writing this for my sake first and foremost.
So, writing a post or talking, for that matter, I should be trying to consider the
listener. Or to “treat the listener’s ears as I would have the listener treat mine”

From this simple premise I have put together
three simple rules of engagement for speaking:

1. Adjustable
2. Accountable
3. Acceptable

And three rules of egagement for responding:

4. Appreciate
5. Acknowledge
6. Apology

All in an attempt to respect each other’s ears because I believe “our ears rule”.
According to what I hear and read around me I do not believe that this is what really goes on.

I think it is time for a change, time to get some agreements on rules of engagement.
What do you think?

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