Gold Coast Police Bikie Blitz

How about this for a police blitz. Two female police officers and their police van were staked out around the coner of Hedges and Peerless Avenue, stalking boys and girls on the bicycle path and instantly booking them even if they are overseas visitors and did not know the severity of the law in Qld.
That is exactly what I witnessed while I was riding there this afternoon.

Yes folks your taxes at work. But worse still all along the path boys and girls on the bike path were warned about the cops were down the end of the road so they were fleeing to the safety of the roads to avoid them.

“Come on” I told the cops but it just seemed like a revenue raising outing for them. With no warnings handed out to anyone stopped. At one point there was a crowd waiting for a ticket. What a joke. “We are just doing our job” they said, so I guess their sargent told them to do some stalking and raise some money. See I have a doctor’s certificate which allows me to ride within the law but these boys and girls do not know any different. Australia is one of the only countires that makes bicycle helmets mandatory by law.

With all the shootings happenng on the Gold Coast (BTW they were parked within 300 metres where the bikie gang shooting happened just last week) surely these police have better things to do on a May day afternoon? What are they thinking?

Bag a real Bikie Gang shooter not boys and girls on bicycles I say!!!

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