Not So Perfect Marketing

I just came from a not so perfect date but I met her through my marketing ploy, and it goes like this.

I have just completed my book/manual called Rethink Perfect: The Upside of Uncertainty and the art of moderating our own disputes.

As it is a book about and for me and my mating cycle, I created a profile on a popular dating site here in Australia called RSVP using the title of my book as my profile handle, Rethink Perfect.

I used my profile to explain the idea of the book and referred to my blog by the same name Rethink Perfect. Although this is not really allowed, I got away with it. The woman that contacted me said that she loved my profile and even more loved my blog and so I gave her one of my books as a present on my date.

She said that I was using my profile to market my book but I explained I use my book to market myself!

Anyway, obviously this type of marketing would not suit every author but it shows a lateral way of thinking and marketing.

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