Why Have Children?

From NY Times article:

My Answer: I think that a good reason to have a kid/s is to test the strength of a relationship. I notice that Bailey mentioned that she is in a “committed relationship” as opposed to a mere “relationship”. Is there a difference? Maybe she should start by answering this question for herself.

I have been working on the definition of a “committed relationship” for some 26 years and written a book/manual called Rethink Perfect: The Upside of Uncertainty, that explains this question first (to me, so far). Then once she has a good concept on this first, she could test her theory and her relationship by asking herself does she think that a child would overly complicate and compromise her relationship or enhance it?

If she thinks the latter, then I think that it is time to put her answer to the test and have a child. It will also give her a chance to see if her idea of love and a committed relationship is transferable to her relationship with her child, which I think it should. Time to see if this is true also.

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