White Lie, White Anger

You know how someone says that they told a “white lie” in order to justify their deceptive behaviour. I wonder if the same can apply to anger and the way we seem to want to justify our “white anger”? I recently wrote a post on why I think relationships fail, that is because couples have not gotten an agreement  on Anger. I think that anger is understandable but not acceptable (on any level).

It seem to me that most people that have heard this so far, think that some anger is acceptable, i.e. the “white anger” rears its ugly head.

You see, I think that once “some” anger is acceptable then it means we get to decide how much and when it is acceptable. We become a “God” amongst mere mortals. But of course if anyone else has this view point then we get two separate “Gods” wielding their powers and anger as much as they deem necessary and whenever they deem it appropriate, to them.

I think this type of thinking is the root cause of relationship failure and is also dangerous when groups, organisations, political parties and countries apply it. The result being pre-emptive invasions such as in Iraq for example.

Imagine a world where we where accountable for all our lies and anger. Its easy with just one agreement. Lies and anger, to me, are not “white” or acceptable. Understandable, but not acceptable. Any takers?

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