Open letter to Pru Goward NSW Minster on Gay Marriage

Dear Pru Goward,
I was just watching you on One Plus One and noticed that you mentioned that you are
against same sex marriage because marriage historically is important to you.

I think that you are just using this word “historically” to try justify your bias and prejudice towards gay people’s legal right to be treated the same as heterosexuals and marry who they choose to.

It almost sounds like you think that marriage is sacred and should not change but “historically” that is exactly what this institution has done.

· Do you accept the change of marriage by introducing divorce?
This was a huge change “historically” but this has been now accepted.

· It also used to be that a marriage was about a woman obeying her husband
“historically” but that too has changed and been accepted.

· Sex before marriage has even been accepted now where as “historically” it was frowned upon.

· “Historically” the use of contraceptives in a marriage was not accepted but now it is.

· Also “Historically” being gay was illegal but that did not stop the law being changed.

Pru Goward, I think that with all these changes, historically, there were people like you that did not want to see change and allow the persecuted gain equal rights but also, “historically” they turn out to be on the wrong side of history. I think your attitude on this subject are outdated and Pru-dish.

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