The Upside of Uncertainty

I think disputes are caused by uncertainty (non-agreement) and our biases increase during this uncertain time out of fear of losing ourself (potential) and the other (existent), and making it more difficult to form agreements.

Then, by understanding this about uncertainty can help us reduce our fear and therefore speed up the agreement process.

So the upside of uncertainty in a relationship is that we “know” (it gives us reasonable certainty) that we are about to create new and improved agreement if we can appreciate it and are patient.

Rethink Perfect: is the name of the code of ethics
The Upside of Uncertainty: is the call to action for us to use of the code
and the art of moderating our own disputes: is the process of using the code to achieve the agreement (resolve the moderated dispute)


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1 Response to The Upside of Uncertainty

  1. yeah i agree. A process flow could go something like this

    1 step: i.e. there is uncertainty between two people
    2 step: they try to reduce the uncertainty
    3 step: and in the process they introduce their biases that can manifest as impatience, anger, resentment etc
    4 step: when step 3 happens without some framework, agenda, and/or code of ethics, then a dispute develops and the uncertainty is increased (and they are back where they started)

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