The Singularity Solution to Anger and Aggression is Already Here

What is the solution to anger and agression? The question and answer is a conundrum.

Firstly, the learning process that I used to recover the solution is the actual solution.

I think that the answer to solving the problem of anger and aggression is:

“To convert our own problems into agreements and therefore better solutions.”

The process of converting our own problems is commonly called Con-ver-sa-tion, and results in a Con-ver-sion and a Con-ver-gence of minds.The better that we can converse the better agreements that we get and ultimately better solutions.

On the converse, anger and aggression can occur when we try to convert other people’s problems and results in very poor solutions that are not as inclusive.

Why has this process been lost or infact, do you even recognise that it is a solution that has been lost? I think this may be because it is a singularity, in that the problem is the solution and the solution is the problem. To solve this problem we already need the solution and to get the solution we need to solve the problem, hence the conundrum.

Moderate your conversations well!

Read more on The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil and his future predictions:

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