“Don’t Ram Your Ideas Down MY Throat”

A young guy recently said to me that he did not not mind what someone said to him so long as they did not try to “…ram it down my throat”.

This is an interesting saying to me because, just earlier, I had been accused by him, that
I did not present my message well enough for him to easily swallow.

Sounds like he has high expectations of how others need to speak to him but at the same time I do not want to be accused of this either so I will proceed to dissect what I see as my problem and see if I can convert it.

I guess my problem is that he seems to be making everyone around him, including me, that does not speak or act perfectly with him, into THE problem, setting himself up as some sort of deity, which I guess we all do to a lesser or greater degree.

Of course no one literally tries to “ram their ideas down our throat” but they do try to make us as the problem and try to convert us away from this problem.

Hey! Wait a minute, that sounds like our young friend above, making everyone else the problem and in his, round about way, trying to convert them from their problematic ways.

What a paradox and a hypocritical way to act and think, I think.

So what is the solution to this problem? I will leave you to ponder first and for a while and any feedback much appreciated.

Here are my thoughts on the answer:

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2 Responses to “Don’t Ram Your Ideas Down MY Throat”

  1. I guess at least he exposed his thinking through his behavior – which is perhaps a subconscious attempt to get some helpful feedback “to convert them from their problematic ways”. Yes its a bit ironic, but I’d say to be appreciated all the same.

    The challenge with such a critic, is that if one sounds offended – then they could risk be accused of expecting the other to delivery their message in an “easy to swallow” way, and when that doesn’t happen try to convert them from their problematic ways.

    And so the circle continues on and on. e.g. those who are prepared to expose their thinking and are prepared to give critic; are perhaps the one’s most likely to learn and progress their behavior towards being less paradoxical and less hypocritical.

    • I agree Steve and as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Lets see if we can catch up with this young man over time and if he can make sense of this post and your comments, someday.. I certainly appreciate his comment as it is gold for me in learning to understand general thinking. I feel like an archaeologist digging up thinking that has been buried for ten thousand years.

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