Doing the Reverse Numbers Game

Let me run this by you:
It seems to me that there are a lot of men out there that believe in the numbers method.

Do women really have to wait in 2013?

That is, they think that if they go up to say 10 women they will get 1 result, a woman that
will return his advances. In other words he “scores”. This is commonly called the numbers game and has possibly been around as long as the oldest occupation has been ( that is another story).
So, is there another system/way that women play the numbers game or are they just the passive recipients of this numbers game and have to wait for what ever comes along?

Hmmm….what if women played this numbers game but in reverse? Where they more actively courted men and put the hard word (commitment) on the men and got 1 out of 10 to reciprocate.

Or where they actively courted men and waited for them to eventually put the “hard word” on her and knock back the 9 out of 10 guys?

Anyway, I refuse to participate in the “numbers game”, and dare say other men are doing the same, as it seems to me that the dice are loaded and the poor relationship statistics could be an indication of this.

Participating in this numbers game, as it stands, seems to build relationships on very shallow foundations (sex), and it is no wonder that so many of these relationships fail. I think it is time for a social change. I think that it is time us blokes took on a more passive role in the mating cycle and that the woman, as the liberated person that she now is, took on a more active role.

Then again I might just lack confidence or might be just fighting the way nature meant it to be, who knows?

Any feedback much appreciated.

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