Rethink Conversation

I think that conversation is a conversion process.
For converting your concept and my concept into our concept.

Like a plug-in system for our mouth and ears, Rethink Perfect is a common
delivery & receiving system for helping convert “your concept” and “my concept” into “our concept”. It is a conceptual standard measure that we can refer to, and measure by, and allow us to recognise “our concept” from, “my concept” andyour concept”.

The Rethink Perfect plug-in consists of 6 values all beginning with A and if adopted as “our conceptual standard” by the parties, act as the first step in the conversion process.

Values for Delivering a Proposal:
Adjustable, Accountable and Acceptable language and behaviour
Values for Delivering a Response:
Appreciation, Acknowledgement and Apologia (speech in defence)

The Conversation
My first concept proposal is that: “I think that anger is understandable but not acceptable.
And therefore, although we can understand that it may well occur we need to be accountable for it and not excuse, blame or attribute our anger to another party, object or circumstance”.

This proposal seems to endorse the need for the Rethink Perfect plug-in to assist us to reduce our anger in the first place.

Based on the context of this post any response will be appreciated.

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