Fixing The Gap

In Australia some 25% of prison inmates are Aboriginal yet they only represent
some 5% of the population.
In New Zealand their prison inmates represent some 45% of Maori are and they are only 10% of the population.

Why is this so?

Is this because the original people of these countries are basically “bad” people or are
the systems skewed to favour white Australians and New Zealanders? I think it is
the latter yet there are many that believe the former and that our system is perfectly
fine and that our indigenous peoples should “move on” or “get over” the past. I think
this is such a narrow way of thinking and until it changes we will continue to have
the “GAP” that is continually being talked about that needs reducing.

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5 Responses to Fixing The Gap

  1. Kent Bayley says:

    You break the law you pay the price. Its simply a choice.

    • Thanks for contributing Kent,, what I find interesting is that the result also depend on who brakes the law and in which state. You will notice WA is a real magnet for incarcerating Aboriginal Australians. more on this here:
      It is amazing what one can learn from having this conversation:

      “Western Australia incarcerates the Aboriginal peoples of its State at 9 times the rate of Apartheid South Africa.”
      —Gerry Georgatos, Human Rights Alliance, Perth [18]

      “What you cannot get away from is that the rate of Indigenous imprisonment in Western Australia is far greater than anywhere else in the country and indeed it compares with the worst rates of imprisonment, of African Americans in the United States.”
      —Bob Debus, chair of the federal inquiry into the over-representation of Indigenous young people in the criminal justice system [13

      So in reality Kent where one lives and what ones race also depends if one ends up in prison.

      • Kent Bayley says:

        I don’t agree and that figure doesn’t excuse anything. Its simply a choice we all make and that’s a problem for the aboriginal people that some appear unwilling to abide by the law. No more nanny state please.

      • You don’t agree with the figures for WA Kent?
        Kent for the purpose of this post I will include your lecture you delivered on 4CRB FM radio for Australia day:

      • Kent Bayley says:

        I don’t agree that where you live or where you are raised is an excuse for bad behavior. History is littered with people who have risen through dreadful times and accomplished great things. No more excuses or disproportionate hand outs please as we have much to do in this country if we are to remain prosperous and united. I doubt that most Australians realise the current federal government has borrowed $255 billion dollars on out behalf which generates $22 million each and every day in interest alone. Now that’s just one major challenge we have to face and the next three generations to follow.

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