Feedback is Essential Even Dissenting Views


This was one of my first jackets for my book as I was writing it some 2 years ago.

It is funny to me, that I am reading Seth Godin’s latest book, The Icarus Deception, and although I think it is great, there is one thing that I disagree with him on and that is his ability to deal with dissenting views and comments.

First, a bit on The Icarus Deception. Based upon the concept that Icarus was warned by his dad, Daedalus to not to fly too close to the sun nor too close to the sea. Seth warns that we forget the second part of the moral at our peril and risk crashing into the sea also. The Gods warn us not to aim too high but also not to aim too low either.

In his book he points out how he feels that he is scarred by receiving “negative” comments on his work. That he can receive 99 positive ones but it is the negative one that he can and has in the past spent his time pondering upon to, what he considers his own detriment.

I think he has hit on the point. A convers-ation is just that, a sharing of converse views. Sounds to me like Seth wants an “agreementation” with no converse views thank you very much.

So, as much as I like most of what he has written it is this point that I think leaves him open to missing the day when someone wants to tell him that they think that he is flying too close to the sun or to the sea. I think we are all each other’s keeper and cutting off this opportunity to receive converse and dissenting views could very well be his loss in the long run.

Not wanting to learn to receive dissenting views is how I think we can crash (into the sea or sun) and has a the same effect as hubris or arrogance, I think, Sorry Seth.

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