You Think Too Much!

icarusLike Icarus flying too close to the sun most of us seem to think that we can think too much and end up going crazy.

Think too much = going crazy

But Icarus was just a myth and in fact if we could fly too close to the sun our wax wings would not melt they would actually freeze!

Personally I don’t think that we can actually think too much per se, but more to the point think about the wrong things.

I do not know exactly what are the “wrong” things to think about that would drive us crazy as I have covered a lot of stuff in my 53 years and not managed to go crazy yet, hopefully!

Being afraid of thinking too much, to me, is like a sailor being afraid of
sailing too much or a pilot being afraid of flying too much. Kind of ridiculous.

Maybe, just being afraid that thinking too much can drive us crazy is the
wrong thing to think about and could be what tips us over the edge?

Worth thinking about.

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