Prepare The Way for Honesty

My reply to “100 Days of Honesty” blog post:


I went down the same track as you some 26 years ago and finally got a chance to test the total honesty theory on myself and a willing participant, from 1998 to 2000, in an experimental relationship specifically for this purpose and we failed.

Since then I realised that it takes 2 to tango and that the person receiving our honesty needs to agree and be prepared for it. Enter Rethink Perfect ( ).

I developed Rethink Perfect to help draw up rules of engagement for dealing with our “honesty” or attempts really, to be truthful.

I really think that honesty is only an aspiration and that, as humans, we are not capable of producing or recognising the Truth, but that does not mean that we should not try.

Rethink Perfect is all about trying,… together. It is about relating to others. Not about individuals hurting others and themselves by stating real thoughts out of context or preparation.

For me, Rethink Perfect is about preparing the way for the Truth or a truth.

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