What Makes Us More Than Animals?

If a tantrum is the term used for when a child is overly concerned about their situation.
I wonder if a nervous breakdown is the term for an adult’s behaviour for when he/she is overly concerned about their situation – In other words an adult tantrum.

That if a tantrum is a behavioural problem that needs correcting then maybe, instead of medicalising adult behaviour by labeling it a nervous breakdown we should treat the behavour. (The unfortunate thing  is that we are now medicalising a child’s tantrum by labeling it ADHD)

For example if anger is understandable but not acceptable then maybe the thing that makes us angry, fear, is also understandable but not acceptable.

We know when something is not acceptable when we easily apologise for it. Like hitting an excessively bad shot in tennis, the player is likely to say sorry.
Or if we inadvertantly bump into someone we say sorry or knock over a cup by mistake.

So then why not apologise every time we get angry regardless of the reason? Surely angry behavoiur is worse than a bad tennis shot! Why not let people know that our fear got the best of us and say sorry? By being able to admit our error maybe it will help us correct it.

I think that is what makes us more than animals or even more than Neanderthals in that, just because we may behave a certain way we do not have to justify that behaviour. We can see, if we want to, when our behaviour is  understandable but not acceptable and admit it. We can do what F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said:

“The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.”

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