We Could Be Wrong AKA Rethink Perfect

About 25 years ago I made a bet with a girl that she could be wrong about anything.
This was in Galway and she was from Boston and I met her on the plane
on my way to Ireland.

We met up a few days later and in the conversation in a pub she said that she
couldn’t be wrong about the American Declaration of dependence.
I placed 10 punts (Irish pounds) in front of her and said if you can pick it up you win.
She did and I walked out the door of the pub and did not look back.

Tonight I thought about looking it up on Wikipedia and found this:

“The original July 4 United States Declaration of Independence manuscript
was lost while all other copies have been derived from this original document.”


So it appears that there is no original Declaration of Independence only copies.
Looks like she won the 10 punts and I won the bet.

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