The Weakest Link is Our Greatest Asset

If we get the idea that “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, that is; all the
links look the same and the only way to make sure it doesn’t fail is to replace the
whole chain before it fails. If we build our philosophy for life around that, then
what is commonly called the “weakest link” 
becomes our greatest asset.

1111This is the premise of preventative maintenance and it is what has made the airline industry the safest mode of travel today. It is claimed that, statistically, a passenger could travel for 14,000 years without being in a crash. And all because parts are replaced before they fail, pilot procedures and systems are put in place and every accident is investigated and used to improve the safety of every other airliner.

The opposite to preventative maintenance, is “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.
Some believe that we should leave something alone, avoid attempting to correct, fix
or improve what is already sufficient. (Often with an implication that the attempted
improvement is risky and might backfire and make things even worse.) Wikipedia

Imagine if we applied such preventative maintenance (PM) to how we deal with each
other and our relationships? Daunting as it sounds maybe we could reduce the
horrifying statistics for failed relationship. Rethink Perfect is a preventative
maintenance solution that I am proposing to achieve such a goal.

Don’t believe me that most people think this way about relationships?
What detailed procedures have you put in place to prevent such failures
in your present and future relationships? What methods do you use to investigate failed
relationships? Finally, what have you discovered is the biggest cause of failed

If you answer anything like “people grow apart” then, to me, that is like
answering “They fall out of the sky” when asked why do planes crash!

Ask me and I will tell you what I think is the number one reason relationship are failing more than ever before.

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1 Response to The Weakest Link is Our Greatest Asset

  1. I said that I would tell you why I think relationships fail so often so here goes:

    I think that we simply fail to inject enough real, diverse and dissenting views into a relationship.
    And by the time we do they are not appreciated for what they represent. Being in a relationship where a truce or agreement exists not to rock the boat, is not what I call love. Sharing the thoughts and feelings that are difficult to understand and accept and appreciating them, to me is the foundation of love.

    Simple to say, a life time to master.

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