CEOs, Consciousness and Rethinking Perfection



The measure of an animal’s consciousness, according to David Eagleman, author of Incognito is that if it looks like a jumble of input and output subroutines, then the less it gives evidence of consciousness.

He doesn’t say this but his definition could also  extend to people. Maybe we are only as conscious as our last awareness performances.

Eagleman sees consciousness as a level-of, and like a CEO of a huge multinational organisation with thousands of workers and departments. Where the CEO simply moderates and directs the individuals and their departments. And like CEOs we get good levels of consciousness and some not so good levels.

In Eagleman’s book he quotes Leslie Orgel’s second law:
“Evolve solutions; when you find a good one, don’t stop!”

I guess, like consciousness, it is not so much about finding the “right” solution but to continue to rethink perfection.

So maybe we should not be so focused on “innovation” in business but simply on becoming more aware or more conscious of the customer problem and the subsequent evolved solution.

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